Abortion and Loss Doula Support

Not all pregnancies end with a birth. No matter whether you are electing to end your pregnancy, you are experiencing a miscarriage, fetal loss, or a fetal anomaly, your experience matters and you deserve to have all the support you need.

I am a trained and experienced abortion and loss doula, and can offer you support at your home during and/or after a medical abortion, miscarriage, or loss.

Doula Services Include:

  • Emotional support

  • Comfort measures and pain management techniques

  • Relaxation and breathing support

  • A calm, knowledgeable, and soothing presence

  • Information about the procedure

  • Housekeeping and meal preparation

  • Childcare


Fees are sliding scale based on income, $0-$25/hour.

Contact me at carling@chesapeakebirth.com to inquire about abortion and loss doula services.