Client Testimonials


Carling is amazing! She was recommended by my midwife group and instantly when I spoke with her, I knew she was the perfect match.  I decided to hire a doula for my second pregnancy to help support my decision to have a VBAC. Carling was more than supportive, kind and knowledgeable during my pregnancy, labor and postnatal period.  I felt comfortable calling and texting her at any time during my pregnancy with questions and concerns. I experienced false labor pains for the week before my labor, Carling was there for me with techniques and comforting words. The late evening that I went into labor, she met us at the hospital. I was only 2 cm dialated and exhausted! I was admitted into the hospital and given pain meds to help get some rest. The next morning I had dialated a little more and had to make the decision to break my waters and see what happens or go for a c-section.  After a pretty traumatic labor which then resulted in a c-section with my first child, I was very emotional and unsure of what I wanted to do. Carling again was extremely supportive and caring during this time, ensuring me that all labors are different and that I was strong and could do it. I woke up the next morning and was ready to push.... 50 minutes later our beautiful son was born vaginally with the support of my husband, Carling and the amazing nurses. Carling checked in on us after we settled in at home and came to visit. She also sent me the notes of my birth story and some wonderful pictures that she captured during/after labor. I would highly recommend Carling to any expecting mommas, no matter what your birth plan may be! Thank You Carling for being a part of our birth story/experience!! -Stacey, August 2018


After the first few minutes of meeting Carling I knew she would be the approachable, calming, strong and encouraging presence my husband and I needed through my first pregnancy and labor. She is so thoughtful, kind, and insightful- it's clear that she loves babies, and her excitement to be joining us on this journey was truly felt. She is a rock, comforting and reassuring without being overbearing, and has a depth of knowledge waiting to be prompted for input (rather than giving unsolicited advice).

During our first prenatal visit, Carling thoughtfully described a step-by-step portrayal of the entire labor process, with all possible scenarios; answering all of our newbie questions. It was so helpful to have in-person, one-on-one interaction with her; you can only prepare yourself so much with books and videos. For the second prenatal visit, she taught me physical techniques to endure the early-mid stages of labor, and guided my husband on the use of massage and pressure points.

The security of her presence was something we never anticipated in selecting a doula. We though we were merely "renting" someone to teach us how to be calm, and bear/breathe through the pain. We didn't know we were getting a confidant, guide and a friend. When labor started, she felt like family that you actually want to have in the room with you. She was encouraging and provided helpful direction during my labor that I would not have otherwise received well from my husband- some of which was hard to hear, but needed to be said.

She was right by our side through 48 long hours of labor, making it clear by her actions that our needs were her 100% focus. She was a shoulder for us to lean and cry on for support when things were at their worst, not wavering at all (b/c she's seen it all!). And after our baby was born, she took some gorgeous photos we will cherish for life. She's unbelievable doula, and we cannot recommend her enough!! -Angie and Tim, June 2018


Carling was the best decision I made for my family during this pregnancy! She was attentive to my needs, questions, and fears throughout my pregnancy (not just the last three weeks), she took the time to send me articles on topics I had questions about (delayed cord clamping, etc), she bonded with my daughter and encouraged me to prepare her for birth since she was going to be in the room with us. Carling is all around thoughtful and kind and always made sure I was taking care of myself and using my support system (including her). During labor, Carling came over and labored with me until it was time to head to the hospital. She stayed by my side all 35 hours (!)- I even had to force her to nap when my birth plan went out the window and I got an epidural. She knew my wishes inside and out, made sure everyone followed through, and supported me 1000% when I made the decision for medical intervention. I wish I knew a million pregnant women; I'd send them all to Carling! -Mel, May 2017


Carling served as my doula during the birth of my daughter at Holy Cross Hospital. If it were not for Carling’s supportive presence and tireless encouragement, I believe it would have been much less likely that I would have had the mental strength for a natural birth without medication. Carling helped me to believe in myself because she believed in me without question and was fully supportive of my desire to avoid interventions. She provided pain management, to include massage and pressing on pressure points, and breathed with me through the most painful contractions so I was able to stay in control. When first meeting Carling, both my husband and I were immediately at ease. She has a calming energy and a real desire to help women during the birth process. Carling came to our home to discuss my desired birth plan. On the day I went into labor, she helped me labor some at home and helped decide when we should head to the hospital. She was 100 percent present with me and provided continuous encouragement. After the birth, Carling took some wonderfully moving pictures for us during the first moments of our daughter’s life which I will cherish forever. She visited me at home after the birth and brought delicious soup and advice regarding breastfeeding and baby carrying. I highly recommend Carling without reservation and would not hesitate to hire her again if I decide to have another child.    -Carrie, May 2016

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We chose Carling to be our doula because when we first met her she seemed very calm and warm. She took her time to listen to our needs and was willing to support all of our decisions in having an unmedicated natural birth. She is very knowledgeable about birth and showed us different massage techniques to help with back pain. During labor, she was an incredible team player with my husband and birth center staff. She was helping me with dressing, applying counter pressure, hydration, and breathing. When it was time to push, I held her hand and squeezed pretty hard. I felt like she was there for me during the hardest part of my labor. Her kind words and support really helped during intense contractions. Carling also brought her professional camera and took breath taking pictures of my birth. We can not thank her enough for all the hard work and support she provided to us. I would highly recommend carling to anyone seeking a doula and want to have a support they need during birth. -Joe & Helina, April 2016 

Where do I begin? Let me first say that having Carling with me while I gave birth was the best decision I ever made. I have to admit I was skeptical about hiring a doula only because I didn’t really know what to expect or if I really needed one. After a few failed attempts at finding a doula I met Carling. When we first met she immediately put me at ease. She was very knowledgeable and insightful in discussing my birth plan giving me options that I didn’t even think of at the time. I knew going into labor that I wanted to have normal contractions and then eventually get an epidural if I couldn’t go any longer. Carling was very supportive in whatever decision I made and from the beginning we made a plan that I was comfortable with so she could read what my limitations would be. When I went into labor she was at the hospital shortly thereafter bringing numerous soothing options to make the pain/contractions as manageable as possible. Throughout my whole labor and delivery Carling had a real calming presence and was able to intuitively know what I needed. You don’t realize that remembering to breathe can be a difficult task when you are in the middle of a contraction (until you have someone there to be the voice of reason.) You can make a plan for how you want your birth to go it doesn’t necessarily mean that is how it will work out. Carling was adaptive and able to help me relax throughout the entire process; even when the doctors deemed it too late to give me an epidural and I had to labor and deliver naturally. There is no way I would have been able to give birth to my beautiful baby without her, she truly made the experience memorable. I highly recommend Carling to anyone considering a doula for their birth. -Erin, March 2016